Here is some of the latest news on Salon Marketing, Appointment Systems and Website news for Salon Owners and Freelancers.

Promotion Ideas

Simple and effective promotions to local employers staff:

An excellent article on Instagram for Business


VAT Free Offers

Theres VAT free on Sunday May 6th at Allen’s Hair And Beauty Supplies in Leicester.  Please do let us know of any others you know of as we build a list of regular wholesalers with discounts.

Booking Application News

Shedul has been voted 2018 world’s most user-friendly software for Salons & Spas. Its free to use and a good starting point, offering online bookings. It has some drawbacks. We recommend Timely – you can get a free trial with this link.

Timely offers deposits, point of sale and apps for staff. Some salons we work with have even made space for another chair by downsizing or removing the reception desk. We also think there are benefits to paying and having the support and data security from paying for a service that is so important to a salon day to day.


Need a new Site or Update?
Join our Salon Subscription Plan, just £69 per month and let us create a great first impression for your business and help generate appointments. Your site will be fully responsive and look great on mobiles, desktops and tablets and be super fast. On top of that, we are here to make changes and keep it right up-to-date for you.