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In today’s online age, ensuring your business has a visible online presence is essential. One of the best ways is SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. This is the tactic used to list your website in search engine results for your services and location. Getting ranked on Google and being on the first page of results can be amazing for your business. A local search for ‘Nails’, ‘Shellac’, ‘Balayage’ or ‘Aesthetics’ should show your business top, or at least on the first page.

Google has developed complex algorithms to work out which results are relevant and likely to be what the user was looking for.

Understanding the factors Google (and other search engines) use is important. There are no shortcuts (other than paid advertising). Emails promising overnight success for your business are making false promises.

Free SEO Tips and Practical Help

Quick Tips

Before any SEO work make sure your website is Fast and Mobile Friendly – if not any SEO work is redundant.

Never buy hundreds of backlinks to your website.

Make sure your site ‘helps’ Google understand your business – each key area should be a landing page one click away from the homepage. e.g. for the Nails Page should linked on the home page. You should also make sure each page has Meta descriptions and the Page Title is accurate and includes the key words – e.g. ‘Shellac Nails in Leeds’.

Avoid fabricating services or locations that you don’t offer to pull in a few more people to the website; visitors who will leave disappointed when they discover that you don’t operate in the said location or even offer the service they were after. Google will pick up on this ‘bounce’ rate and score you negatively for future results. If you are based in Leeds, advertise only as Leeds, not Manchester.

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Free SEO Tips and Practical Help

If you need any help or are looking for a new or updated site we can help build all the best techniques and information into your site from the start.

How We Help Create and Promote

We help choose the right domain name and the effective implementation of title tags. We ensure meta descriptions clearly outline the key points of the page. We optimise images and apply correct tags. These are a few of the many techniques that will be baked into your new website from the very start of the process.

If you already have a website that needs updating we will redevelop your site protecting any SEO you already have already built up.

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