Quick Update on our Speed Test results from last Month – its now even more important as in this weeks news it has been announced that following Google’s lead in ranking sites, Facebook will now give priority to websites with faster loading times in the News Feed.

Users have expressed frustration after clicking on a link in Facebook only to find themselves waiting for a site or page to load. Studies show that as many as 40% of users abandon the website after a three-second delay. We should all be looking to make sure our sites delivery quickly. Not only will Google penalise slow sites, but now Facebook will as well.


I copied our site to a typical shared hosting server as I wanted to demonstrate this the other day to someone; you can see the results here:

Our tuned site – home page load in < 1.5 seconds *

Our site copied on standard shared hosting – page load in 5.4 seconds

* These testing sites are testing from servers in Stockholm, actual restults in the UK are even better.

Check today how your site performs using the site above and double check its working on your mobile. If your site needs a boost, let us know – we can get you up and running with a responsive fast site within a month on our unique subscription plans.